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Ukuzala has an ever-changing catalogue of single origins available for those interested in exploring the complexities of specialty coffee. Whether you’re a fan of filter, or an espresso enthusiast, these coffees are sourced from single countries, specific growing regions and sometimes, individual farmers or estates. Unlike coffee blends, single origins are purposefully roasted and prepared on their own and in a way that showcases the unique characteristics of that particular coffee. Tending to be fruitier and more acidic than traditional coffee flavour profiles, single origins are most often served black to highlight their intrinsic qualities.


We wouldn’t typically recommend mixing them with milk, as sometimes they can be perceived as tasting sour or lacking punch. With that said, sometimes certain origins taste amazing with milk added. No matter how you enjoy your coffee we wholeheartedly encourage you to explore the range of flavours on offer.


Available in packets of 250g, 500g and 1kg

Ukuzala Single Origin - Ethiopia Worka Natural Gr 1 (wholesale)

PriceFrom $12.50
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