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A Zulu word encapsulating the concepts of birth and growth

Our Organisation

Ukuzala holistically embodies nurturing and support and seeks to deliver nourishment and respite for a demographically diverse and treasured community. Working within permaculture ethics and principles, Ukuzala represents an unconditional positive regard for people and the natural world. It seeks to be mindful of, and cultivate, the clear and present connection between the two. Inspired by the uniqueness of each and every human, Ukuzala values compassion, non-judgement, supportive action, sustainability and love.

Ukuzala's Story...


2009It all started with a seed planted in my mind. A passion to give back by providing accommodation for respite to anyone going through a difficult time.

2009 – 2019The seed sprouted and started to grow. Little shoots began to emerge over the years with an idea to include an organic garden, offering fresh produce to those in need within the local community.

November 2019 Roots took hold when this property was acquired and we were able to manifest our dream of combining both ideas - a house for respite and a garden for produce.

December 2019  Born in South Africa I decided to use a Zulu word to name the property and chose the word Ukuzala, which encapsulates the concepts of birth and growth.

February 2020The seedling grew stronger with the desire to follow permaculture principles. This was solidified after participating in an introductory course at Purple Pear Farm.


Ilana Hersch - founder

May 2020The plant continued to flourish when we met Meg McGowan from Permacoach. We decided to create a mandala garden and food forest to grow our produce and a large eco pond to encourage local wildlife and create a space of tranquility. Shoots sprouted forth with many ideas that built on the simple concept that is Ukuzala.

June 2020  A 30,000 litre stainless steel rainwater tank was installed next to the existing 3000 litre tanks. 

July 2020Sonja and Ilana's rose garden was planted and is still lovingly cared for by Gary. 

August 2020Tom Oliver, a permaculture designer, led a Mandala weekend workshop to create the mandala, with the help of 15 wonderful volunteers. Fruit trees were also planted in the area where the food forest would eventuate.

September 2020  Our large eco pond was constructed.

October 2020The first seedling was planted in the mandala garden. Our banana circle and worm farm were created.

December 2020  Our first box of produce was delivered to Mary Macs.


Some of our wonderful team

January 2021 Rick joined Ukuzala and brought along a completely new area of expertise - training youths 18+ to become baristas. 

February 2021  The food forest was marked out and mulched over.

March 2021  Our first guests stayed at Ukuzala House. 

April 2021 to October 2022  The journey continued with its rewards and challenges, always striving to improve, learn and grow in order to fulfil the dream. From our tiny seed, a whole world was created.

November 2022 - Ukuzala was included in the inaugural Central Coast Edible Garden Trail which was a great success.

December 2022 The Coffee Roastery officially begins.

February 2023 Our signature blend is finalised and named "Ooh La La"

October 2023 Arnie's Espresso Bar opened on the 25th.

Still to come  Barista Training to begin in 2024.


Harvesting potatoes

Our Mission

Through our various projects, Ukuzala provides respite in a tranquil and wholesome setting, nourishment through our organically grown produce and emphasises the importance of community through all our coffee projects.

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