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Ukuzala Garden

Mandala       Food Forest       and more...

Our beautiful mandala and remnant bushland are being developed and maintained according to the ethics and principles of permaculture. The three ethics are earth care, people care and fair share.

The mandala garden is not only beautiful to view, but its shape is a most productive use of space. We are growing annual and perennial vegetables, fruits and herbs as well as plants that encourage and attract beneficial insects and local wildlife. 

The food forest is a work in progress consisting of many different fruit and nut trees, perennial plants and cold compost cylinders.

Our organically grown produce is donated, when abundant, to a wonderful local volunteer-run organisation - Mary Mac’s in Woy Woy - which provides nourishing meals and other physical and social support to disadvantaged members of our community.

The area of regeneration (known in permaculture terms as zone 5) is a protected area which we enter rarely to protect new growth.​

The large eco pond at the front of the house is a haven for frogs, lizards, fish, and dragonflies. The beauty of the rocks and plants, coupled with the sound of the waterfalls, creates an area of tranquility and serenity.

Other areas of the garden include a banana circle, worm farm, rose garden, seedling shed, compost bays, hot house, shade house, 2 exclusion tunnels and 2 x 30,000 litre water tanks.

If you'd like further information about Ukuzala Garden please contact us here or
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